Ideally located in the commercial timber producing region of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, the forestry program at Andrew College is designed to train students to perform technical aspects of forestry and tackle everyday woodland operations. The forestry program offers students a two year associate of science degree in which they have the option to graduate and enter the job market or transfer to another institution to complete their bachelor’s degree. The specialized program focuses on commercial forest management; however, students will learn all sides of forest resources management and can extend their career paths into forestry, natural resources conservation & management, fisheries & wildlife, and forest business to name a few.


Person Cutting Tree


Although the majority of classes will be taught on campus, a significant portion of classes and labs will be taught outdoors. Field labs are carried out on various ecosystem and diverse forest management regimes. Andrew College has fostered great relationships with industrial & non-industrial landowners, public organizations, and private companies (e.g., lumber, pulp, paper and engineered wood products) who not only help run field labs, but also help our graduates to find employment soon after graduation. Students also take part in supervised internship which is vital to their academic training in forestry.



  • 护林员
  • 林业/渔业技术员
  • 护林员
  • 狩猎监督官
  • 记录仪
  • 森林采伐主管
  • 公园主管
  • 苗圃经理和圣诞树农民





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